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Pipe Organs

Borgio Verezzi - Chiesa del Redentore
Builder: Erich Bertot
Year built: 2007
Borgio Verezzi - Chiesa del Redentore

The organ of the Chiesa del Redentore in Borgio Verezzi was built in 2007 by the organ builder Erich Bertot in Forno Canavese (TO). It has a 45-note keyboard (C1-C5) with first octave short and a lectern shaped pedalboard with 8 notes constantly linked to the keyboard and without their own stops. The phonic setup provides the following registers: Principale 8, Octava, Duodecima, Decimaquinta, Decimanona. All the pipes are in metal, with the exception of the first 8 of the Principale which are made of wood and are capped. The instrument is tuned with a quarter-comma meantone temperament.

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli