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Casarza Ligure, Chiesa di San Martino in Bargone
Builder: Cesare Buzzoni
Year built: 1841
Casarza Ligure, Chiesa di San Martino in Bargone

The organ in the parish church of San Martino in Bargone was built in the 40s of the nineteenth century by the organ builder Cesare Pavese Buzzoni. Originally placed in the choir loft above the entrance door of the building, the organ was dismantled and shelved in the early decades of the '900. The recent restoration, conducted in the years 2005-2007 by the company Brondino-Vegezzi Bossi of Centallo (CN), brought it back to its original appearance and placement to its present location in the nave. It has a keyboard of 50 keys (C1-F5) with first octave short and a lectern shaped pedalboard of 18 pedals. The division between bassi and soprani is between E3 and F3. It has the following stops:

Tromba BassiPrincipale Bassi
Tromba SopraniPrincipale Soprani
Cornetto dolce SopraniOttava Bassi
Faluto in 8va BassiOttava soprani
Flauto in 8va SopraniDecimaquinta
Flutta SopraniDecimanona
Ottavino BassiVigesima Seconda
Fagioletto SopraniDue file in Ripieno
Viola bassi a frenoContrabbassi in 16'
Voce Umana SopraniBassi Armonici
Terza manoTimpani
Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli