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Chiavari - Cappella del Seminario Vescovile
Builder: Giosuè Agati
Year built: 1840
Chiavari - Cappella del Seminario Vescovile

The organ in the Chapel of the Episcopal seminary in Chiavari (GE) is a typical example of the Tuscan organ school of the nineteenth century. It was built by Giosuè Agati and children in 1840 and placed in the grandstand overlooking the entrance. It has a chromatic keyboard of 46 keys and range of C1-F5 with first octave short and division bassi-soprani between E3 and F3. The pedalboard is lectern shaped with 9 real notes, constantly coupled to the manual and has a fixed Basso stop. The registers are driven by levers placed in two columns to the right of the keyboard, according to the following setting:

First columnSecond column
a destra della tastieraa destra della tastiera
Principale BassiFagotto Bassi
Principale SopraniTromba Soprani
Ottava BassiCorno inglese Soprani
Ottava SopraniVoce Angelica Soprani
DecimaquintaFlauto Traverso
VigesimasecondaFlauto in ottava Bassi
VigesimasestaFlauto in ottava Soprani
CornettoViola Bassi
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Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli