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Cicagna - Chiesa parrocchiale di N. Signora dei Miracoli
Builder: Tommaso II Roccatagliata
Year built: 1788
Cicagna - Chiesa parrocchiale di N. Signora dei Miracoli

The organ of the Church of Cicagna is a valuable instrument built in 1788 by Tommaso II Roccatagliata from Santa Margherita Ligure, the most illustrious representative of the Ligurian organ school. He has undergone several changes and shifts in position. On the occasion of its restoration, completed in 2002 by the Bottega Organara Dell'Orto & Lanzini in Dormelletto, it was placed in its present position and brought back to the original structure.

It has a keyboard of 45 keys (C1-C5), with the first octave short and division bassi-soprani between B2 and C3. The pedalboard is scavezza and lectern-shaped with 9 pedals constantly coupled to the manual; the last pedal activates the two-pipes Rollante. The stops are driven by handcuffs arranged in the column to the right of the keyboard:

Vigesimasesta e Vigesimanona
Flauto in VIII
Cornetto Soprani
Voce Umana soprani
Trombe bassi
Trombe soprani
Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli