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Cogorno - Auditorium
Builder: Lorenzo Paoli
Year built: 1882
Cogorno - Auditorium

Organ built by Lorenzo Paoli and sons in 1882. Located in the former apse that naw has been transformed into the Auditorium stage. It has a wooden case opened in the front in a span with flat profile, a façade of 29 reeds whose mouths, with a mitria shaped upper lip and with an above "punto a sbalzo", are aligned.

The keyboard is placed in a window, made of 58 keys (C1-A5) with chromatic first octave. The lectern shaped pedalboard has 19 pedals (C1-E2 along with Terza Mano and Rollante) and is constantly linked to the keyboard. The stops are driven by interlocking levers placed in two columns to the right of the keyboard.

Left columnRight column
Armonia di campaneContrabbassi e Bassi
Fagotto BassoPrincipale 16' Basso
Trombe SopranePrincipale 16' Soprano
Corno InglesePrincipale Basso
ClaronePrincipale Soprano
Flauto TraversoOttava Bassi
Flauto in OttavaOttava Soprani
Corni DolciQuinta X
Voce UmanaDecima IX
Viola BassiVigesima II Bassi
Ottavino BassiVigesima II, VI, IX
Cornetto Reale

Division Bassi/Soprani: Si2-C3. Pedaletti at the right of the pedalboard: Combinazione Libera alla Lombarda and Tiratutti of Ripieno. Frontal Pedaletto for Banda Turca (gran cassa, sistro, piatti). The bellow is lantern shaped and powered by an electric fan. Master somiere is "a vento" other somiere for Contrabbassi e Bassi, Rollante, Corni Dolci and a somiere to complete the first octave that originally was short. Wooden crivello with openings above and below.

The instrument is purchased from the vestry of S. Giovanni Battista in Chiavari in 1805. In 1999/2000 it was moved from the church placed in front. The instrument body, dating 1678, originally had a tripartite prospect.

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli