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Gavi - Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore
Builder: Famiglia Lingiardi
Year built: 1807-1920
Gavi - Chiesa di San Giacomo Maggiore

The organ of the church of San Giacomo Maggiore in Gavi was built by famous Lingiardi family workshop, active in Pavia between 1807 and 1920. Thay pursued the ideal of an organ-orchestra in which, alongside the classical pyramid of ripieno stops, the concert stops were added, often reed stops with variable air pressure. At the same time they used the most recent European techniques such as the cassa espressiva to modulate the sound dynamic. The keyboard is placed in a window under the prospectus and has 61 keys (C1-C6), while the pedalboard, flat and parallel, consists of 24 pedals (the second octave recalls the first one and the C3 inserts the Tuono). The coupling between the pedalboard anche the manual is real and mobile.

The stops are controlled by levers placed in two columns to the right of the organist for the Great Organ, on a single column on the left for the stops in cassa armonica. Behind the console, enclosed within a cassa espressiva, there is a reed stop of Voce umana soprana 16 feet tall.

Cassa ArmonicaGrand'organo
Bordone bassi 8Voce umanaTerza mano
Bordone soprani 8Corni dolci nei sopraniPrincipale bassi 16
Principale soprani 8Flauto soprani 8Principale soprani 16
Dulciana bassi 4Viola bassi 4Principale bassi 8
Ottava sopranoVioletta bassi 2Principale soprani 8
DecimaquintaTromba soprani 8Ottava bassi 4
Violoncello bassiFagotto bassiOttava soprani 4
Violoncello sopraniOboe sopraniDuodecima soprani
Voci umane [16' in tergale]Oboe bassiDuodecima bassi
Corno ingleseDecima quinta
Trombe 16 sopraniDecima nona
Ottavino sopraniQuattro file di pieno
Flauto armonico s. [in XII]Quattro file di pieno
Cornetto 1°Quinta e Ottava ai pedali
Bombarde ai pedaliContrabbassi e rinforzi

After a reform introduced by the brothers Lingiardi in 1901, the instrument was restored in 2009 by Bottega Organara Dell'Orto and Lanzini of Dormelletto (NO).

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli