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Santuario della Madonnetta
Builder: Lorenzo Roccatagliata
Year built: 1733
Santuario della Madonnetta

The organ of the Sanctuary of Madonnetta was originally built by Lorenzo Roccatagliata in 1733 and rebuilt in 1844 by the varesino Carlo Giuliani, residing in Genova. During this intervention a second manuale was added, however, recovering much of the material of the original instrument, thus opening up the possibility to play of more recent repertoire, which required a greater number of stops.

It has two keyboards of 52 keys with short octave and range of C1-G5 with division between Bassi and Soprani E3-F3. The lectern shaped pedalboard has 17 pedals plus one for Timballone and is constantly linked to the keyboard. The registers are driven by levers placed in columns to the left and right of the keyboard, according to the following setting:

II organo (lower keyboard)I organo (upper keyboard)
Principale bassoFagotto bassoPrincipale basso
Principale sopranoTrombe sopranoPrincipale soprano
Ottava bassoCorno Inglese sopranoPrincipale basso II
Ottava sopranoCorno di tuba dolcePrincipale soprano II
Quinta decimaViola [bassi 4']Ottava basso
Decima nonaOttavino bassoOttava soprano
Vigesima seconda e sestaFlauto in XII bassoQuinta decima
Flauto allemand sopranoFlauto in XII sopranoDecima nona
Flauto in XII bassoCornetto XII [sopr.]Vigesima seconda
Flauto in XII sopranoFlagioletto sopraniVigesima sesta
Cornetto terzaCornetto terzaVigesima nona
Flauto sopranoFlauto in ottavaTrigesima terza
Clarone bassoMano terzaContrabbassi e ottave
Oboe soprano

The organ was restored by F.lli Marin, Lumarzo (GE), in 2012.

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli