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Mezzanego - Chiesa parrocchiale
Builder: Filippo Piccaluga
Year built: 1777
Mezzanego - Chiesa parrocchiale

The organ in the parish church of Mezzanego is a wonderful instrument of the Ligurian organ school built by Filippo Piccaluga in 1777. It is located in the choir loft above the main entrance. The wooden case, against the wall, presents an overview of 21 pipes divided into three bays with curved profile by a spire each. The mouths, with the upper lip in miter and point cantilever, follow a trend contrary to the cusps. It has a keyboard of 45 keys (C1-C5), with first octave short and a pedalboard of 8 pedals (C1-B1) constantly coupled to the manual. The registers are driven by knobs arranged in a single column on the side of the keyboard:

Quinta Decima
Decima Nona
Vigesima Seconda
Vigesima Sesta
Vigesima Nona
Flauto in VIII
Voce umana S. (dal Do3)
Cornetto S. (dal Do3)

This organ comes from the church of San Biagio in Valpolcevera (Genova) from which it was transferred in 1901 to Mezzanego.

Its restoration was carried out in 2004 by the Bottega organara Dell'Orto & Lanzini of Dormelletto (NO).

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