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Santa Margherita Ligure - N.S. del Carmine di Nozarego
Builder: Tommaso II Roccatagliata
Year built: 1778
Santa Margherita Ligure - N.S. del Carmine di Nozarego

Superb tool enclosed in a chest carved and decorated with gold tooling, with the front in three bays, topped with a rich coping and fitted with doors.

It has a keyboard of 45 keys (C1-C5), with first octave short and a pedalboard with 8 pedals (C1-B1) constantly coupled to the manual.

The registers are driven by levers arranged in the column to the right of the keyboard:

Quinta Decima
Decima Nona
Vigesima Seconda
Vigesima Sesta
Vigesima Nona
Flauto in VIII
Voce Umana
Tromboni (8' al pedale)

After a series of interventions that had altered the original appearance, the instrument was restored in 2002 by Bottega organara Dell'Orto & Lanzini of Dormelletto (NO). On that occasion the accessory Usignoli was rebuilt.

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