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Riva Trigoso - Chiesa parrocchiale
Builder: Filippo Tronci
Year built: 1896
Riva Trigoso - Chiesa parrocchiale

The organ in the parish church of Riva Trigoso is a fine example of the school of the Tuscan organ building school of the nineteenth century.

It was built by Filippo Tronci (Pistoia) in 1896. It has a chromatic keyboard of 56 keys (C1-G5) with the division between bass and treble between B2 and C3 and a lactern shaped pedalboard of 17 pedals (C1-E2) with 12 real notes, constantly combined with the manual.

CampanettePrincipale bassi
Trombe bassiPrincipale soprani
Trombe sopraniOttava bassi
Corno inglese sopraniOttava soprani
Corni dolci soprani Decimaquinta
Voce angelicaXIX e XXII
Flauto in ottava bassiXXVI e XXIX
Flauto in ottava sopraniCornetto soprani
Voce umana sopraniOttavino soprani
Viola bassiBassi reali 8
Terza manoTimpani in tutti i toni

A pedal near the pedalboard operates the Timpano, while a pedaletto on the left side operates the Uccelliera.

Tirapieno and Combinazione libera are placed to the right of the pedals.

The instrument was restored in 1999 by the Bottega organara Alessandro Corno and sons of Bernate d'Arcore (MI).

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