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Savona - Cappella Sistina
Builder: Filippo e Felice Piccaluga
Year built: 1764
Savona - Cappella Sistina

The organ in the Cappella Sistina of Savona is one of the most important and valuable tools of Liguria. It was built in 1764 by the Genoese organ builders Filippo Felice Piccaluga, distinguished members of the Ligurian organ school of the eighteenth century. The case and the choir on which it is located are richly decorated with floral rococo. It has a keyboard of 45 keys (C1-C5) with first octave short and a lectern shaped pedalboard with 9 pedals (C1-C2), constantly coupled to the manual. Another pedal actuates the drum. The division between Bassi and Soprani is placed between B2 and C3.

The stops are controlled by levers placed in the column on the right of the keyboard:

Decima Quinta
Decima Nona
Vigesima Seconda
Vigesima Sesta
Vigesima Nona
Flauto in VIII
Voce Umana (soprani)
Cornetto (tre file, soprani)

A lever on the left of the lectern operates the Rosignoli.

The restoration of the instrument, completed in 2009, was made by the organ master Graziano Interbartolo of Stella Gameragna (SV).

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli