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Santa Margherita Ligure - San Lorenzo
Builder: Marcello Ciurlo
Year built: 1824
Santa Margherita Ligure - San Lorenzo

Organ built by Marcello Ciurlo in 1824. Located in the choir loft above the main entrance. Wooden case against the wall, opened in single span arch with flat profile. Facade of 33 canes arranged in single span of three cusps. The mouths, with the upper lip in miter and point overhanging above and below, following trends contrary to the cusps.

Keyboard placed as a window made of 50 keys (C1-F5) with first octave short. Lectern shaped pedalboard with 14 pedals (13+1: C1-E2 + a pedal for Rollante), constantly linked to the keyboard. The stops are operated by knobs and are placed in two columns to the right of the keyboard:

PrincipaleVoce umana
OttavaFlauto in VIII
Decima quintaCornetto (tre file)
Decima nonaTromba soprani
Vigesima secondaTromba bassi
Vigesima sesta e nonaTirapieno
Division Bassi / Soprani to the keys B2-C3. Three wedge-shaped handles are placed in the base and powered by electric fan; the blower consists in a system of wheels and ropes. The master somiere is "a tiro"; another somiere for the Basso fisso [16] to the pedal. Crivello in pan with mouths above. The organ was restored in 1998/1999 by Bottega organara Dell'Orto & Lanzini of Dormelletto (NO) which brought it back to its original look. On that occasion it was possible to restore the original temperament that has been identified in the mean-tone system regular at one-sixth of comma.

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