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Sori - Oratorio di S. Erasmo
Builder: ignoto
Year built: XVIII secolo
Sori - Oratorio di S. Erasmo

The origin of this tool of the eighteenth century is unknown, but we know that it was placed in its current location, in the choir loft above the main altar, by the organ master Lorenzo Paoli in 1872. He was very active at that time in our region and, on this occasion, added the eight feet Principale to the ancient Organo Positivo of just four feet, however unaltered in its shape.

It has a keyboard of 45 keys (C1-C5), with first octave short and a lectern-shaped pedalboard with 9 pedals (C1-B1) constantly connected to the keyboard.

Another pedal operates the Rollante. The Principale is constantly working with the first octave of the keyboard. The stops are operated by levers arranged in the column to the right of the keyboard:

Principale Bassi
Principale Soprani
Decimanona e Vigesimaseconda
Cornetto soprani
Flauto in ottava soprani
Voce Umana soprani

The instrument was restored in 1995 by the company Marin of Genoa.

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