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Pipe Organs

Chiesa di S.M. Immacolata e San Torpete
Builder: Carlo Prati
Year built: 1917
Chiesa di S.M. Immacolata e San Torpete

The organ of the Church of S.M. Immacolata and S. Torpete is a composite instrument that has undergone many changes and tampering over time.

The oldest part consists of the front pipes, by Carlo Prati (1617-1700), includes a soundboard which is typical of '700 Ligurian school and an assortment of pipes mainly the work of Joseph Franzetti (XIX century) including also pipes with the typical characteristics of the Ligurian school of '700.

In 1876 it suffered a heavy intervention by John Mentasti, which altered the already heavily ambiguous configuration.

The recent completed restoration (Dell'Orto & Lanzini, 2007) gave it a more uniform footprint typical of the eighteenth century, according to the stylistic canons of the Ligurian school, with respect of the original core of sound material.

The keyboard, with the first octave short, has a total of 45 keys.

The pedal, with short octave, consists of the classic 8 pedals constantly united to the manual.

The registers, actuated by knobs on the side of the keyboard, are the following:

Vigesimasesta e Vigesimanona
Cornetto 2f (dal Do3)
Flauto in ottava
Voce Umana (dal Do3)
Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli