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Calvisio - Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS. Cipriano e Gennaro
Builder: Nicomede Agati
Year built: 1877
Calvisio - Chiesa Parrocchiale dei SS. Cipriano e Gennaro

The organ in the parish church of SS. Cipriano and Gennaro of Calvisio was built in 1877 by Nicomede Agati and brothers of Pistoia and brings the opus number 570. It is placed on the floor in the apse behind the main altar. It has an original keyboard of 50 keys (C1-F5) with short octave. The first 8 keys recall the corresponding buttons of the second octave. The division between bassi and soprani is between F3 and F#3. The pedalboard has 16 pedals (C1-G2) and is constantly linked to the keyboard. The registers are driven by tensioning knob arranged in the column to the right of the keyboard in the following order:

Principale Basso
Principale Soprano
Decima Quinta
Decima Nona
Vigesima Seconda
Vigesima Sesta
Ottavino Soprani
Voce Umana (soprani)
Flauto Basso 4'
Flauto Soprano

The Tirapieno is operable either by a further knob or by a dedicated pedal. It also has 8' stop always operational in the first octave of the keyboard.

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli