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Emilio Traverso

Emilio Traverso

Emilio Traverso (Genova, January 23, 1951 - April 23, 2007), for almost thirty years professor at the Conservatory "N. Paganini" and organist of the Basilica dell'Immacolata of his native city, was one of the most eminent figures of the Genovese musical scene, one of the most active in the field of early music (particularly organ music), not only for its intense teaching acticity and concerts, held at the European level, but also for his ongoing commitment as researcher and organizer.
He achieved the Diploma in Organ and Composition (1978) and a degree in Industrial Chemistry (1976), then he dedicated completely to music, specializing in organ at major European Music Academies under the guidance of renowned teachers such as L.F. Tagliavini, M. Torrent, H. Vogel, P. Kee, M. Schneider, J. Langlais, X. Darasse. He also studied the harpsichord with G. Gentili Verona, K. Gilbert and S. Ross.

Emilio Traverso

His students remember him for the seriousness and the extent of its preparation and the personal taste for a repertoire that was not limited to well known composers and songs. This research has always been supported by his wife Luisella Ginanni, also a teacher and organist in the same Conservatory, with whom he formed a stable Duo known in Italy and abroad for concerts for four hands and two organs, and their proposal of original compositions rarely performed, ancient and modern, to which they have devoted much of their artistic activity.
Author of musicological studies, he was president, from the foundation, the musical association "Amici dell'Organo" with which he was involved in the enhancement of the organ heritage of Liguria. He was organizer of organ manifestations of international level, as the Festival Organistico Europeo, the only event in the area, part of the official calendar of events implemented in the framework of "Genova 04" European Capital of Culture. He was responsible for the construction of the new organ of the Conservatory "N. Paganini" and countless restorations of historical instruments, mostly belonging to the workshop organ Ligurian Roccatagliata.
In 2006 he recorded for Tactus, a CD dedicated to the masterpieces of the Italian '600 and '700, performed on eighteenth-century organ "Alari" in the Abbey of S. Matteo, where was honorary organist.

2017 June 18th: Piazzetta Emilio Traverso in Sestri Ponente has been inaugurated.

In the presence of numerous friends and enthusiasts, Sunday 18 June 2017 was inaugurated in Sestri Ponente "Piazzetta Emilio Traverso" (map) to celebrate and make immortal the important cultural and social commitment of Maestro Traverso before his premature death occurred 10 years ago.

Here follow the audio recording of the speech from his friend Gianni Gaggero and some pictures of the event:

Speech from Gianni Gaggero
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Inauguration of Piazzetta Emilio Traverso
Concerts held by Maestro Emilio Traverso for the inauguration of the restoration of historic organs or organ of new construction:
1982 Celle Ligure Chiesa di San Michele Organo Ciurlo 1813 / Mordeglia 1912
1982 Genova Basilica dell'Immacolata (after the first part of the restoration) Organo Trice 1890 / Balbiani 1928
1983 Savona Santuario della Misericordia Organo Malvestio 1928
1983 Bellinzona (CH) Parrocchia di San Biagio Organo Mascioni 1983
1986 Genova Basilica dell'Immacolata (after restoration) Organo Trice 1890 / Balbiani 1928
1992 Genova Chiesa di Sant'Anna Organo Agati 1852
1994 Genova Sestri Ponente Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta Organo Balbiani Vegezzi Bossi
1994 Santa Margherita Ligure (GE) Basilica Santuario Santa Maria della Rosa Organo Marin 1964
1995 Genova Oratorio S.S.Pietro e Paolo Organo Filippo Piccaluga 1770
1995 Savona Cattedrale Organo Mascioni 1935
1995 Genova Montoggio Santuario delle Tre Fontane Organo Paoli
1995 Recco (GE) Chiesa di San Martino di Polanesi Organo Tomaso I Roccatagliata Sec. XVII
1996 Rapallo (GE) Oratorio dei Bianchi OrganoTomaso II Roccatagliata 1773
1996 Bogliasco(GE) Oratorio di Santa Chiara Organo Lorenzo Roccatagliata 1722
1996 Borzonasca (GE) Parrocchia San Bartolomeo Apostolo Organo Serassi 1821
1996 Pietralavezzara (GE) Parrocchia di Ascensione Organo Locatelli 1895
1997 Sori (GE) Oratorio di sant'Erasmo Organo di ignoto sec XVIII
1998 Savona Chiesa di San Giuseppe Organo Chichi 1998
2000 Busca (CN) Chiesa dell'Annunziata Organo Fratelli Vittino 1865
2001 Moneglia (GE) Chiesa di San Saturnino Organo Paoli 1861
2001 Masone (GE) Parrocchia di Cristo Re Organo Marin
2002 Cicagna (GE) Chiesa parrocchiale di N.S. dei Miracoli Tommaso II Roccatagliata 1788
2003 Moneglia (GE) Parrocchia Santa Croce Organo Paoli 1861
2004 Genova Abazia di San Matteo Organo Alari 1773
2005 Mezzanego (GE) Chiesa Parrocchiale Organo Filippo Piccaluga 1777
"Non รจ mai troppo poco... Emilio Traverso: un ricordo personale" memorial by Carlo Oro
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