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Pipe Organs

Sestri Levante - Chiesa parrocchiale di S. Stefano del ponte
Builder: Vincenzo Mascioni
Year built: 1912
Sestri Levante - Chiesa parrocchiale di S. Stefano del ponte

The organ in the parish church of S. Stefano (del ponte) is a typical example of a transition instrument inspired by the ""Cecilian Reform". It has been built in 1912 by Vincenzo Mascioni and placed in the choir loft above the main entrance. The wooden case, placed against the wall, presents an overview of 19 pipes divided into three arched bays each by a spire. The mouths, with upper lip shield-shaped, are aligned. It has a separate console, with pneumatic transmission, located in the choir, with two keyboards of 58 keys (C1-A5) and a flat pedalboard with 27 pedals (C1-D3).

The stops are driven by flat switches located above the keyboard, according to the following provision:

Principale 8Subbasso 16Viola 8
Ottava 4Armonico 8Concerto viole
Decimaquinta 2Decimaquinta 2
Voce umana (dal Do3)Flauto 4
Dolce 8Bordone 8
Flauto 8Salicionale 8
Cromorno 8Principale 8
Ripieno (azionato da pedaletto)

A series of small pedals controls the Unioni, the Ripieno and a Combinazione libera.

The instrument was restored in 2003 by the firm Mascioni of Cuvio (VA).

Code and graphic by Lucio Marinelli